Neighborhood Associations, Are They For You?

A Strong Tool for Influencing Decision Makers

Bend has grown to the point that having only a few people voice concerns for city issues doesn’t work. An organized neighborhood association can bring neighbors together to work cooperatively to make their neighborhood a better place to live and collectively bring issues to city council to make appropriate improvements.
The benefits give us a voice and forms an advocacy for specific neighborhood issues.
Land use issues (location of a new school, shopping center, library, highway, commercial development), neighborhood improvements (safe streets, street signs or lights, repair of a sidewalk, bike lanes), urban design issues (historic preservation district, developing architectural themes, parks and open spaces) and dealing with crime and other disturbances will be better solved when city officials listening to the people experiencing these issues every day.
According to the City of Bend’s website: Neighborhood Associations maintain and improve the quality of life in the city, increase citizen participation in local decision making and form an effective partnership between the city and neighborhood residents. We trust city councils agree.
All neighborhood associations will not be alike, won’t be organized the same way and may not be as active as others. But all associations are critical to the growth and livability of our city.
This is why the City of Bend should start listening more closely to its 13 (one is currently inactive) neighborhood associations and find a better way, a more respective way to communicate. Get involved with your own association

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Guest Blogger: Cascade Business News By Paula Hulse Andrews CBN Publisher/Founder