Contract work in the age of coronavirus: How individuals are overcoming

It’s a wild time to be alive here in the spring of 2020. As preventative measures against COVID-19 become more commonplace and businesses across the world close their doors indefinitely, for those with desk jobs, that means more time spent working from home with mild cases of cabin fever. For those in the construction and finishing industries, whose jobs can’t be done sitting down, “self-isolating” can mean no working, period.

We’re not here to tell you about all you can do to help “flatten the curve” and slow the spread of the coronavirus outbreak (we’ll leave that to the experts at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) but we do know how hard it is for contractors to sit still for very long. Especially for those whose work is so often done indoors and in close quarters with their teams — we’ve heard from building inspectors that they’re focusing more on outdoor inspections and new buildings right now, leaving those who do remodels particularly high and dry — we want to help them figure out how to stay productive. Follow some of these tips, and you’ll be in a better place than ever to grow your business once we get back to business as usual.

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