Redmond Construction Boom: Four Businesses Expanding Despite Economic Downturn

Commercial construction projects in Redmond are now at an all-time high, despite the economic hardship, business shutdowns, and general uncertainties caused by the current global situation. Four major businesses in the city (including BASX Solutions, a multi-million dollar company) have either already completed or are undergoing facility expansions, according to Redmond city officials. Even better, these welcomed expansion projects will end up bringing a number of new jobs to the city and therefore lowering the unemployment rate.

Construction projects on the rise

“Since the last recession that officially ended in 2009, 2010, we’ve had anywhere between two and five construction projects going on in the industrial side of Redmond,” says John Stark, the senior director at Redmond Economic Development Inc. “Today, you’ve got five-plus. […] Suffice to say, while other parts of our economy are hurting due to COVID, there are several parts of our economy that is really exploding right now with these company expansions,” Stark said. The reason for this promising construction boom throughout Redmond? Stark feels the strong demand for medical and manufacturing services this year is responsible.

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