Easy Fall Maintenance Checklist

Central Oregonians love this time of year. The temps have cooled but are still comfortable for outdoor activities, with less-crowded trails and waterways. In between all of those rounds of golf, bike rides and hikes, taking care of fall home maintenance items will allow homeowners to enjoy fewer troubles in the winter months, while lowering utility costs and possibly avoiding expensive repair bills.


Protect Landscape Irrigation

Leaves turning colors and falling off trees are indications that it’s time to have your irrigation system winterized. Sprinklers are not buried far enough to avoid freezing in the winter, and if they freeze while full of water, they break. Water must be forced out with air pressure. It’s highly recommended to hire a professional landscaping company to perform this task, but schedule a spot now, as they get very busy this time of year. Don’t forget to drain, disconnect and store garden hoses as well.

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