Time Changes & Shorter Days…

Time Changes & Shorter Days…
Days are shorter and it seems like there is not enough daylight hours.
3 tips for business survival.

1. Allow remote work &/or flexible work schedules.
           – Review work schedules and ensure that you are taking full advantage of daylight, evaluate if you can shorten hours during certain times. Reward employees for finishing work early. Review tasks to see if some can be done remotely.

2. It’s a great time to schedule training and other activities.
          `- Schedule license renewals, first aid, upgrade certifications or other required trainings. Do some team building activities, annual reviews or holiday parties before the rush of all the other holiday related activities. It’s also an ideal time to repair or upgrade equipment &/or computers.

3. Be health & safety conscious
          –  Remember that your employees may need a different adjustment period than you. Everyone reacts to time changes and the lack of daylight hours differently, just as everyone needs a different amount of sleep in order to be productive during the day. Be aware of mental health issues, some employees that may experience depression associated with lack of sunlight & increased cold temperatures. Also, physical health concerns can rise  as the temperatures drop, make certain worksites are safe for both colder weather and less light.