It’s all Personal

I wrote this post on my personal Facebook page, but it is relevant to all aspects of life. Some people believe you should keep work & business separate, for me it is all relative to your life, if you have things that affect you personally, at some level it will affect your work and visa versa. Some of you have known me since I first started at Premier Builders Exchange¬† (Previously known as COBE) and were a part of my struggle, others have read my quotes which were often related to something going on in my life either personally or professionally at the time. Now as my journey continues and I write the newsletter each week often the quotes are still either related to something going on in my business or something very personal. Either way, personally or professionally I try to inspire people to grow, challenge themselves and be a better person, leader or friend. I am sure I am guilty at times of being “them” but I try to encourage people to do what they want in life. The flip side is often “they” end up creating the opposite effect in people’s lives, what is meant as discouragement, ends up being the very thing that challenges a person to prove “them” wrong.

Me: Pregnant at 16, with an 8th grade education, wanting to get GED so I can start college & provide for my child.
Them: You need to attend high school first or you will never make anything of yourself and will be a welfare mom for the rest of your life.
Me: Graduating college at 19 with 2 degrees & a 3 year old, while working at her daycare so I don’t have to be away from her as much.
Them: You can’t buy a business, we don’t get a warm fuzzy feeling about loaning you the money.
Me: Buying my own construction related business at the age of 32 & paying off the private loan during the housing crash.
Them: You should wait until you retire to travel.
Me: Daughter graduates from college when I turn 34 & I travel the US alone on my Harley, then traveling to other many countries.
Them: You can’t go to Africa alone, it’s dangerous, you don’t have a plan & you don’t know the language.
Me: Goes on a 3 month sabbatical, ends up stuck in Tanzania for 10 months during the pandemic, meets people & finds a purpose, starts an International Foundation, Conka Africa Foundation while living in a remote village that helps people in need.