Chapter 1

At some point in our lives, most of us will experience a something that causes use to restart or change paths. Maybe it’s a change in employment, a lifestyle change, or possibly something traumatic. We may not have control over what happened to us to cause this change, but all of us have control over our attitude and how we handle the situation. In my more than 20 years at PBX I have seen some people handle dramatic life changes very well & unfortunately I have seen some handle them very poorly. Here are a few thing I’ve seen help those who handled it well.

Attitude is everything – find something everyday to be grateful for.
When you are looking for something to be grateful for each day, it helps to change your perspective. Instead of focusing on the bad, you find yourself pointing out the good.

Believe – Those who believe in something bigger than themselves, typically have hope.¬†Personally, I believe in God, but I won’t preach to you (unless you want me to), you can choose to believe in whatever you want to but most people agree something bigger is at work in our lives, therefore at some point our situation is bound to change for the better and it sets you free from the minute to minute worry that can consume your thoughts.

Schedule yourself РHow you organize your time is completely up to you,  but do it! Make a list, plan an entire daily schedule, whatever works best for you. I find a detailed schedule works best for me. I schedule everything, right down to free time & date nights.

Set a goal or two. – Setting goals gives you something to focus on besides your current situation. Make your goals realistic and attainable and give yourself a deadline. Goals without a deadline are just dreams.

Things don’t change overnight for most people, but with intentionality, your current situation will be something you look back on in the rearview mirror.¬†