Working with builders since 1979.


Premier Builders Exchange Planroom opened for business in 1979. Our mission is to offer a full-service planroom while meeting the progressing technology needs of our members.



Builders Exchanges are a foundation in this country. You can search the nation and find ones that have been around since the 1800’s. Google “Builders Exchange” and you will see innovation coming alive in the construction industry, from virtual planrooms, where brick & mortar once stood, to online take-off software, virtual demonstrations, and trainings.


The birth of Central Oregon Builders Exchange in late 1978 started out very much the same way as others did throughout the US: a need was voiced by local builders to have a central location to “exchange” information about local projects and to circulate plans among local contractors.

Upon its inception the Office Manager, Scotty Riper, and business owner Riva Zechentmayer traveled to other “exchanges” in Portland, Salem & Eugene to glean information on how to provide the best services to the builders of Central Oregon.


In 2000 we went live with our virtual planroom and have been setting the industry standards for online services ever since. Central Oregon Builders Exchange offers a state of the art website that features user friendly take-off software available to Windows and Apple platforms and mobile access to our online planroom.


We have stayed in touch with our foundation, which is our construction reporting service. Also, we provide both a physical and virtual location to access information on construction projects. These are available not only locally in Central Oregon, but also throughout our entire great state of Oregon. For this reason we have undergone a name change, from Central Oregon Builders Exchange to Premier Builders Exchange (PBX). We wanted to ensure that our name did not limit our coverage area, rather helped define our level of service and commitment to our members.

We value the construction community and take pride in connecting our members to construction projects that fit their level of expertise.

Today, we exist to promote and unify our community of construction professionals. It is our mission is to provide the construction industry with the most accurate and comprehensive information about construction opportunities from design to award. Lastly, it is our vision is to empower the construction community for success.

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