How Will AI & IoT Reshape the Future of the Construction Industry?

Various technological developments like cloud computing, blockchain, AR, AI, and IoT, etc. during the last few years have changed the scenario in multiple industries all over the world. It is also expected that the introduction of AI and IoT in the construction industry will reshape the future of this industry.

These technologies can help in reshaping the construction industry by controlling the losses of materials and manpower caused by accidents and failures of supplies in this industry.

For instance, in case of an accident, the rescue operations have to suffer due to natural calamities like rain, etc. which can increase the number of losses. The latest technologies can help in avoiding such situations.

Similarly, the process of constructing buildings can be made fast and effective by using a data-based approach and automating it by using the latest technologies in the construction industry.

You can use digital technologies to increase the productivity of works by increasing their safety by using tools like Orion Flare Kit etc. The sectors which have accepted the latest technologies are far ahead of other areas. The construction industry is not an exception in this regard.

Effect of Artificial Intelligence on the construction industry

During the last few years, many industries have benefited from the applications created on the basis of artificial intelligence. It has also revolutionized the construction industry as it has been reshaped in many ways by using various forms of AI.

  • AI-controlled systems have helped construction companies in planning and reviewing remodeling construction projects. AI can help the company in planning construction projects, creating 3D maps and blueprints by organizing vast amounts of data instead of organizing it manually.
  • They can also analyze relevant data to use efficient practices categorically and following the latest trends of the construction industry by using AI-based applications. Moreover, several tasks in the construction office, like maintaining the record of sick leaves and vacancies as well as the sudden departure of the workers, etc., can be simplified by using a centralized system of AI for data collection. They can also use AI applications for suggesting strategies, updating information, and tracking the progress of a construction project.
  • Moreover, the engineers and workers on a construction site can use an AI application, Virtual Assistant, to take care of many tasks like finding out the deficiency in the construction process as well as using different procedures at a time.
  • They can also use AI applications to maintain the record of temperature at the construction site so that the efficiency of the compactors can be increased. They can also accurately control the density of the mixture of asphalt by using AI applications.
  • Some of the construction companies are also using robots and drones with cameras and sensors to get real-time information by monitoring construction sites in a more efficient and error-free manner.

Effect of IoT on the construction industry

IoT or Internet of Things is another latest technology like AI, which can reshape the future of the construction industry in many ways.

  • Construction companies can use IoT in various operations at a construction site like refilling the supplies before pre-fabricating the construction materials etc. They can use the centralized system of RFID tags on supply materials to monitor the stock position remotely and know when they are running out of stock.
  • Similarly, the introduction of IoT sensors in several construction devices and machines like drones with sensors, etc. can help in ensuring the safety of the workers as well as monitoring their progress remotely. Drones can also help in avoiding accidents that are very common on construction sites.
  • Construction engineers and workers can use wearable accessories to handle various construction tasks remotely instead of manually.
  • In the future, you can also expect the vehicles at construction sites in which windshield will be used for displaying the essential data and instruction to control their operations.
  • Moreover, time wasted in searching for machines and equipment required at the construction site can also be saved in the future by using some of the IoT sensors to track their location easily and quickly.

In this way, the use of advanced technologies like IoT and AI in the construction industry can reshape the entire industry in the future.

They can improve the productivity and safety of the workers by operating dangerous equipment and tools as well as monitoring their progress remotely.


By: Cascade Business News on February 19, 2020