Oregon OSHA offers free online training for roofing safety

Salem, OR — Employers and workers in Oregon’s roofing industry now have a free and convenient way to boost their ability to address fall hazards, thanks to an online video training course launched by Oregon OSHA.
The course, “Fall Protection for Roofing,” is the latest in a series of online educational offerings created by the division to help address fall hazards across specific industries and different on-the-job situations.
“Whether you’re interested in strengthening an existing safety program or just getting started, our roofing course – just like our other online fall protection courses – provides a solid foundation to build on,” said Roy Kroker, consultation and public education manager for Oregon OSHA.
The course, which includes insights from industry leaders, covers a full range of topics. Those topics include hazard identification, fall protection equipment and systems, safe access, and training.
The human and economic costs of failing to account for fall protection are clear. In 2017, for example, there were 5,780 accepted disabling claims in Oregon due to slips, trips, and falls. The average cost of those claims was $23,570.
The roofing course includes the opportunity to receive a certificate of completion. It is the third of five planned online courses about fall protection. The other two that are available are “Fundamentals of Fall Protection” and “Ladder Safety.”
Fall Protection for Roofing” is available online.
Explore the “Fall Protection Suite,” which encompasses the roofing course, and the fundamentals and ladder courses. Oregon OSHA encourages the use of online training.
By: Aaron Corvin, Public Information Officer; Oregon OSHA on November 14, 2019