OSHA Silica Dust Fines

OSHA Silica Dust Fines

  • Serious violation (other than serious posting requirements): $12,675
  • Failure to abate: $12,675
  • Willful or repeated violations: $126,749

But That’s Not All…

Let’s take a closer look. The fine for a serious violation is up to $12,675. That’s good since OSHA can levy a smaller penalty. The bad news is that it’s a per violation fine. So multiply $12,675 by the number of violations you have and you’re in the six-figure range after the eighth.

The failure to abate penalty is the same rate, also as a maximum, so you still have the chance at some leeway. But this fine is a per day penalty since the abatement date. So if you’re just now getting serious, your maximum fine is well over $1,000,000 as of December 21st. $1,128,075 if you’re keeping score at home. Ouch.

When you move into the realm of willful/repeat offender, you’re essentially getting a 10x multiplier. That’s great for video games, terrible for OSHA silica dust fines. Each one will now cost you a maximum of $126,749 that would be much better spent on getting in compliance and then buying a yacht or private plane. 

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