Membership Guidelines

I herewith make application for membership at Premier Builders Exchange. I acknowledge understanding of all membership guidelines and agree to support said guidelines. Appropriate dues are required to activate membership with the PBX. No dues should be refunded should cancellation occur.

Make Check Payable to: Premier Builders Exchange (PBX, Inc.)

Hand-Carry or Mail to: 1902 NE 4th Street Bend, OR 97701

Plan Center Guidelines

PBX services are exclusive to members and cannot be shared. Do not bring non-members to the plan center.
Documentation is to be used only for the purpose intended by the providers of the documents. Plans may not be marked with indelible materials and pencil marks must be erased before plans are returned to the rack.
Plans hosted by PBX are available for nightly checkout on a “first come” basis. Plans are available for checkout between 4:00PM and 4:30PM Monday-Friday. Plans are due back on premises by 7:30AM the following business day.
Telephone, fax, notary & reproduction services are available to members . Long distance & reproduction services will be invoiced.

Internet Plan Center Guidelines

PBX Services are exclusive to members and cannot be shared. Please protect your password.
Documentation is to be used only for the purpose intended by the providers of the documents.
Members are to provide their own internet access for use of internet plan center services.
Document clarity is dependant on condition of original source documents and is not guaranteed.
PBX does not warrant programs or job images to be free from defects or errors, known or unknown, existent or latent.
PBX does not warrant software or services provided by others in any manner, nor does PBX warrant that any services or images be guaranteed for any purpose.

Infractions of these guidelines may be cause for suspension of Privileges at the discretion of the Exchange. PBX reserves the right to change or modify these guidelines for the benefit of the membership.

Upon submitting this application electronically, I personally guarantee payment of any and all amounts due under this contract. Further, I understand and agree that I will be personally liable for any unpaid amount which is now due, or becomes due, for any services rendered or products purchased, including any & all collection fees that may arise.