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Ahead of the Curve

We perform daily research at city and county municipalities to pull every new project. They are organized and made available for browsing in the plan center and provide you with valuable information on who is building what.

Intuitive Interface

Our online software is easy to use and easy to train. You'll feel at home in no time.


When you become a member of PBX it connects you to the community. Stay current on the industry and the jobs that you aspire to. Look to the future.

Premier or *Associate Membership

*Associate Members do not directly work in the construction industry, instead they are related or beneficial businesses that offer a discount or reduced rate to PBX Premier or Advanced Members.


PBX is a hub that helps contractors stay connected to the construction community.

Awarded Bids

Get information on who won a bid and how you can bid better to win next time.

Platform For Local Work

Many General Contractors, Architects and Owners will submit their plans to PBX to have them standardized and as a central hub where they can send Sub-Contractors to find their projects. When you become a member you have full access to the Plan Center at PBX headquarters. We have computers dedicated for clients to use.

Personalized Training

Get personalized training on the software and begin to use it to its fullest potential. Includes recommendations on how to integrate the system into your company.

Find Projects

Our staff researches and provides bidding information for thousands of projects annually. In addition to our own research, and because of our history, many design professionals, project owners, and general contractors supply us their projects automatically in order to receive more qualified bids on their projects. Our software has easy to use search tools, along with the ability to set up personalized daily reports of projects that fit your specific needs.


Projects and permits are pulled from all over the state of Oregon.

Get Better at Bidding

We offer advice on how to perform bids and how to interact with large General Contractors.


When a sub-contractor registers on a project, they will get notifications of any updates to the projects. This includes when documents, such as addenda or memos, are added and bid results, including who was the LOW bid and what the numbers were.

5 Users

Each account is provided 5 users who can collaborate and communicate about projects in the Plans Center. Indicate to your colleagues if you want to bid a projects, avoid one or have a conversation about one.

Mobile Friendly

The Plan Center is mobile friendly so you can access project details on the go. This will be helpful if you forget an address or want to look up a quick detail. In an emergency you can even pull up plans and project docs from mobile.

Local Permits

PBX performs research at city and county municipalities to pull information on newly issued building permits over $10,000 and those that may need additional subcontractor or supplier help. The permits are organized into a standard format and made available in a weekly report. These permits provide valuable information on what is happening in your community and who is building what.

Regular Udpates

A weekly emailed newsletter lists all projects on file, including the scope of work and bid date/time. There is an option to receive a daily snapshot of posted projects. The online plan center is always updated with the latest information.

PBX Online Construction Directory

The membership includes listing your business in our online construction directory that allows viewers to click through to your site or email you directly.

Additional Benefits

Associate Members offer additional benefits to PBX members at a discounted or reduced rate, see Benefit Page for details. (Associate Members may not be eligible for discounts or offers made by other Associate Members.)

Advanced Membership

This membership level includes all features from Premier plus the following.


Our Advanced Membership allows you full control so you can operate your business whenever and from wherever you need.

Take-Off Tools

Use our Take-Off tools to help calculate your bid.

Standardized Documents

When projects are submitted to PBX they go through a standardization process. PBX staff processes all project documents which provides a consistent naming and numbering system. This allows you to easily find your scope of work in large sets and be confident that you understand how they are organized.

View, Plan & Print

View, download and print plans and project documents at your convenience.

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