Curb Appeal

It is that time of year. Blue skies abound, flowers and trees are blooming, birds are singing. Along with the flora and fauna coming to life after the dormant winter, so is the real estate market. Buyers are out in full force, searching for their dream homes. Meanwhile, sellers are eagerly awaiting offers.

As has become a common theme in my columns, I will say it again: You only have one chance at a first impression. Curb appeal is crucial in making that first impression. It is in those few seconds that a buyer draws their opinion on the visual desirability, upkeep and attention to detail of a property. The exterior appeal is the beginning of the story to be told about a home. So again, it bolsters the reasoning that first impressions are everything when selling a home.

Here are some easy ways to enhance curb appeal prior to listing a home for sale:

Exterior paint and trim:

Peeling and faded paint can be a huge turn-off, immediately sending the message of deferred maintenance to a buyer. A fresh coat of paint or a touch up of the exterior trim can make a world of difference. Think about choosing neutral colors that blend well with the landscape and style of the home.


Most people don’t find weed jungles, dirt piles and dead lawns appealing. A good clean up—trimming trees and shrubs, fertilizing and keeping the lawn maintained, adding pops of color with annual flowers and a fresh dressing of mulch or gravel will go a long way.

Create, inviting entry:

Whether it be pavers, concrete or wood that leads to the front door, years of exposure can make things seem dirty or dingy. It’s amazing what grime can be removed with a good pressure-wash of pavers and concrete. Where wood is concerned, a fresh coat of stain will liven up the wood and enhance the cleanliness appearance. A few potted plants or hanging baskets can add a welcoming, joyful pop of color and life.

Front door:

This runs in line with creating an inviting entry. If a front door is looking dingy and faded, a new coat of stain or paint will liven it right up. Consider using a color that’s appealing to the masses and on par with the latest style trends. Stay away from off putting color choices that do not blend well with the overall look and feel of the exterior and neighborhood.

Exterior Lighting and house numbers:

Changing the house numbers and exterior lighting fixtures are quick methods of modernizing the look of a home, bringing it more in line with the latest trends.

Remove unnecessary clutter:

First thing first: Hide the trash cans! A lot of vehicles or “toys” in the driveway can be a turn-off and detract from the overall look of the property. When possible, find a place for those extra vehicles, boats and RVs.

When selling a home, first impressions can make or break the buyer’s interest in exploring the property further. Well-kept and pretty sells—and sells faster!


By: Christin J Hunter, Broker; Source Weekly on June 12, 2019