Help…everything seems like a priority

Busy seems like the new norm and everything feels like it’s too important to put off. So what do you do first?
Deadlines, priorities, and changes in projects have been my life at the builders exchange for more than 20 years, and it doesn’t matter how many projects I post, there is always another one. So how do I, or you decide what makes the cut?
Since I first began training employees to post projects, the number one question is always which projects take priority? And it doesn’t matter how many projects we post, there will always be another one.
For us we prioritize local, then by by bid dates and addenda, especially those with date changes always take priority. So how do you prioritize your to do list when it is not quite so clear?
Following are a few tips I use for other areas of my life.
The first step in identifying what needs your attention is to collect your tasks. Make a list of what needs to happen, don’t worry about time frames or urgency at first, those happen in step 2 and 3.
Next place a priority level next to each item 1, 2, or 3; one being the highest priority.
Third, place an estimated time to complete next to each item.
The final step depends on which type of person you are, the same process doesn’t work for everyone.
Some people like to get started on the largest tasks first, knowing if they finish then the just have small tasks or loose ends to tie up. Others need a push of actually finishing something in order to get moving and ease into focusing on their work. One thing is certain you will want to make sure to choose your highest priority project for a time when you have the best ability to focus and have the most energy.
Once you have them organized, you will see what is important, what can be put off or what will take you the most amount of time to complete. 
Monday morning is a great time to get your calendar in order for the week and the month, if you start out every Monday in planning mode, it helps the week to flow well. If you feel things going haywire by Wednesday, stop for a moment and revisit your priorities and don’t allow the busy work to get the best of you.
Sometimes, it’s still too much to get done, know when to delegate tasks, leave them for another day or eliminate them completely. 
Keeping on task helps you to make the most of your work week, helps to reach your goals and overall you will be more productive.